Leona Lewis Nose Job: A Better Look For The Young Star

There is no dispute that Leona Lewis is one of the most successful British singers. The talented singer has been hitting the headlines for decades because of her electronic performance. This time round she has become the talk of town not because of her talent but plastic surgery. It is speculated that singer has gone under the surgeon’s knife to change the shape of her nose. The rumors regarding her nose job have been doing rounds on various social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter. Individuals who have monitored her looks closely argue that she is different. Rumors about Leona Lewis Nose Job are all over the internet. The Briton is different from other celebrities who are known to go under the knife for several surgical procedures.

Leona Lewis pictures before and after nose job

Looking at her pictures before and after surgery, you can clearly see that Lewis is not the same person anymore. Her nose looks more refined as well as sharper at the tip. In addition, it appears straight at the bridge, which can be attributed to nose job. Leona is only rumored to have gone for a nose job and not any other surgical procedure.

Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After

What does Leona Lewis say about her nose?

Most celebrities in the world rarely commend on gossips to do with plastic surgery. Others have come out to defend themselves. Apparently, Leona has chosen to remain silent over the matter. However, this has not stopped fans from speaking her looks. It is good that she decided to distance herself from the rumors because they could affect her career in different ways. Leona Lewis and her spokesperson have come out on several accounts to deny the allegations that she went for plastic surgery. The singer cum songwriter has said that her looks are natural and she has never gone for plastic surgery. Rumors about nose job and breast implants are something that we do not to talk about because they cannot be substantiated.

Leona Lewis Before and After Nose Job Procedure

What do others say about Leona Lewis Nose Job?

The change in the appearance of Leona Lewis’ nose has attracted different opinions. There are people argue that her appearance has nothing to do with plastic surgery. As some of her fans come in her defense, critics are not ready to keep quiet over the matter until they unveil the truth. The number of people who support rumors that she went for plastic surgery has been increasing over years.

Leona Lewis Before and After Rhinoplasty Surgery

In summary, a close examination of her pictures before and after surgical operations will show that she is different. The nose looks bulbous and does not have a defined pointy nose. Her slender features and shape of nose makes her to appear like someone else. Leona Lewis Nose Job rumor has been around for months. The celebrity’s nose looks sharper and has a straight bridge. This makes it different from the way it used to appear. During her early days in the entertainment industry, Lewis had a bulbous and round. This has changed after she opted to visit a surgeon. Although the celebrity has decided to ignore the rumors, it is hard to convince critics that she has kept her natural looks.

Leona Lewis Nose Job Before and After Photos