Rihanna Plastic Surgery: A Superstar Look For A Superstar

Celebrity life is like an open book where everyone gets to know what goes on in your life: plastic surgery, failed relationships and even feuds. Robyn Rihanna Fenty, best known as Rihanna due to her singing career, was born in Barbados. She later moved to America when she was 16 years and since then, fame has consistently kept up with her. Rihanna is considered a dime in the entertainment industry due to her beauty not forgetting her singing that has left many fascinated. She is a Grammy winner and her songs have been sold out all over the world. Whatever she sets her mind to do, be sure of commendable results. This Diamonds star talent knows no boundaries. Besides her talent, Rihanna Plastic Surgery and the physical abuse from her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown put her in the limelight.

We all know how Hollywood celebrities try that hard to look glamorous. It is a platform of who looks better. This is where plastic surgery steps in. Yes, Rihanna is pretty but since her surgery, she is more beautiful than ever. It is out rightly evident that she underwent some alterations to look perfect on set and in real life.

Nose Job

Lots of speculations from Rihanna’s fans about her nose have raised eyebrows. This has given the media houses more reason to compare her past nose pictures with the present one and it is with no doubt that there is a big difference. Before, her nose was wider but of late, it is relatively smaller. She has gone on to refute the claims by pointing out that she dreads knives and would never dream of one being used on her, but is that true?


Breast Implants

Rihanna’s breasts have left many tongues wagging. They are now sexier than her previous smaller ones. Well, it could be her hormonal changes that have made her that way considering her reasonable age. Are we at liberty to judge her? I guess no. We’ve got no license for that. However, a highly regarded surgeon based in NY has commended whoever that had done on Rihanna as she is a symbol of breasts perfection.



Rihanna’s forehead has now become popular. She was overhead saying that she wasn’t happy with the way it looked and was looking for ways to remedy the situation. It seems she found the solution earlier than expected and her fans were not happy about it. But since then, she is a goddess as her forehead is now flatter than before. If asked, I would prefer her face now than the former one. And who knows that she actually underwent a surgery? It could be the power of cosmetics as they have a great impact on the face, right?


Rihanna Plastic Surgery is nothing to regret anymore as she looks fancier. If asked for my comment, I would deem it fit for her not to undergo any more cuttings as she is now at a better place. Personally, I will be belated to see Rihanna’s backside fleshier but that doesn’t mean she is not okay. She is perfect and would kill to be her.

Rihanna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos