Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery: An Excellent Job For Amanda

Plastic Surgery is not something new in Hollywood and other parts of the world. Celebrities have been using plastic surgery as their fountain of youth. Through these procedures, male and female celebrities get to stem off the effects of ageing and look younger than they actually are. There are also those who use these procedures to fix facial and other body flaws they might have.  Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery is one of the most talked about celebrity plastic surgeries.

Amanda Cerny is an international actress, model, Playboy model and recently, she became a YouTube and vine star as well. A lot of people love her because she has an easy-going personality which is very rare to find in most models. Most people feel like they can relate to her because of this. The other thing that people love about Amanda Cerny is the fact that she has managed to maintain her great body shape. There have however been some rumours that she has achieved some of her physical appearance with the help of plastic surgery procedures.


For a long time, many people did not know about her although she was very good at modelling. Her fame catapulted when she started making Youtube and Vine videos which have since then earned her a lot of fans.

One of the plastic surgery procedures she is rumoured to have as is breast augmentation. One does not have to be an expert to see that Amanda Cerny’s breast look significantly bigger when you compare before and after pictures. Some people like to believe that the change in breast appearance was achieved by the workout routines she engages in. This is however not possible because there is a huge difference even in the size and fullness of her breasts; something that cannot be achieved with exercise alone.


The other procedure she is rumoured to have had is liposuction. When compared to previous pictures, her lips currently appear fuller and more luscious. It is believed that this was achieved through liposuction and Botox to ensure she maintains her lips in that shape.

Amanda Cerny has not addressed the rumours of her plastic surgery procedures. Majority of the celebrities today who have gone under the knife would like people to believe that their appearance is natural. Amanda might be sailing on the same boat. However, from her appearance, it is quite obvious that she has used plastic surgery to her advantage to achieve her current looks.


There are a lot of opinions Amanda’s procedures. Most people believe she looks better after the procedures and that she made the right choices in choosing which procedures to be done. Some have even categorized her as one of the most successful plastic surgery procedures. There are however those who do not think she needed plastic surgery in the first place. What do you think?In conclusion, there is no doubt that Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery was a huge success. She looks better than before and it was a great move on her part to minimize the procedures she has had. A lot of Hollywood celebrities could learn from her.

Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos